"I had just turned 40, I was tired & stressed out. I have worked as a nurse for the past 20 years helping people daily, but I was having trouble helping myself. I was in a funk! Dorothy was amazing!! Through her guidance, I made some subtle changes in my diet, I began to meditate along with my yoga practice. Dorothy coached me into a better state of wellness & I now feel better than I ever have!"

Dawn Nowak, Age 40, Nurse

Dorothy is a powerful intuitive healer. She has personally provided me with effective nutritional counseling that has shifted the way I look at food as well as how I view myself. I realized through her guidance that my
relationship with food had a lot to do with beliefs about myself. She has led me to a clearer understanding of self and has given me tools to eat for my body and my health.

Larissa Schiano, Age 32, Yoga & Dance Teacher

"I have recently had the privilege of being a part of Dorothy's group health sessions. What I learned in 4 sessions far surpassed what I have read in dozens of health books. I was served tea, spoken to with love and shared health failures and success with the entire group. She gave us individual direction for an improved healthy life plus overall discussions in the area of inflammation, cooking techniques, shopping tips, and so much more. Thank you Dorothy for all your guidance. I will implement all of what you taught me."

Rita Grudzinski, Age 47, Yoga Teacher 

The encouragement, support, and just the plain good sound advice I received from Dorothy Holtermann as I pursued a new career direction assisted me greatly on my path. When there was confusion, worry, doubt or stress seemingly in the way, and no matter how hectic life was, Dorothy helped me to fuel my dream to fruition.

Change, even for the better, can be difficult. I am so glad I didn't even think twice about reaching out for her assistance through my career transition. Dorothy has the rare gift to embolden one with confidence and practical problem solving which eases all the other interfering factors that can present themselves when there is change. With her coaching I was able to maintain my equilibrium throughout, along with the perfectly composed professional demeanor I desired.. Thank you Dorothy!

Ruth Davidson Hahn, Age 57, Dance Teacher

"Dorothy Holtermann is a never ending source of health and wellness information.  She is also a beautiful, compassionate person who is very easy to talk to. Between Dorothy's health coaching and my yoga practice, at 50 years old I can honestly say I have never felt better in my life! Thank you Dorothy for all that you do!" 

Lou Anne Monaco, Age 50, Yoga Teacher

Dear Dorothy, it was an honor to have you as my Health Coach.  Your passion and commitment to your work is inspiring.   You immediately pin pointed my frustration, and in a brief period I was able to lose weight in a very natural way.  You acted professionally and provided me with clear direction.  Also, you have incredible amount of knowledge regarding all aspects of healthy living.  I want to let you know that you are very easy to talk to, and that you are a very good listener.  You explain things in such a clear manner, and I found your approach to be friendly, compassionate and thoughtful!  What I love about you is that you practice what you preach, and your personal story is downright inspiring to me and everyone who knows you.  I would recommend you to others who wish to improve their overall health, and I would highly advice them to consider your services.     

Maria Brunetti Age 49, Yoga Teacher