My Approach

My approach to Holistic Health counseling is to nurture. I lovingly guide and encourage my clients to move toward "ease" full choices in their life and to move away from "dis-ease" full habits. I have also most recently incorporated a ground breaking DNA component to my program and am also training wellness professionals to incorporate this testing.

Incorporating the DNA information and nature's many gifts of "ease" into my clients busy schedules is not "easy" but it is easier then ever before! Step by step, as your body feels loved and supported, dramatic shifts start to occur and suddenly new habits are born and supported.

As your personal coach I counsel, cajole and encourage. I also hold you accountable.

I will help you discover beautiful, yummy whole food that looks gorgeous, tastes superb that will give you energy. In every way this will make you beauty "full".
I will also explore with you many natural ways to support the integration of your body, mind and spirit.

I love incorporating the latest modern science about nutrition both on and off your plate. I weave this knowledge with ancient wisdom often fusing Eastern and Western perspectives to find a glorious blueprint of healthy living that you can adopt and embrace.

The Song of Your Life

You have more power than you know! Our latest understanding of genetics is that your genes are not fixed but are more like a piano that your food and lifestyle choices "play". I help you choose that very special life song that you want to sing.

Self Love

Each of us responds profoundly well to love and compassion. I work with each of my clients to find the "heart" to generously open their arms to themselves with love and compassion. From this deeply warm protective "home" of caring for oneself, true health is born.

The One, the Only You

You are unique. You are amazing. You deserve a unique blueprint for wellness. I will listen to you and carefully help co-create your blueprint. Offer loving, funny, lively heart to heart counseling. We might cry. We will laugh.

The Program

I prefer to work with people who are making a life shifting, permanent wellness commitment. I offer a personalized, comprehensive and trans-formative  programs. . I am deeply concerned by all of the offers and plans for "quick fixes" that are luring us into  deeper and deeper dungeons of health distress.


Start Now, if not When?

Believe it or not the hardest part is the initial decision to reach out! After that you will not have to go it alone. Everyone deserves a health coach, I look forward to our time together! 



Life fully nourished is delicious! And always remember, you are profoundly safe and profoundly loved!


Speaking Engagements

I am available and have years of experience in addressing both large and small  groups. This last year I have been to colleges, women's organizations, food events, charitable organizations and large public wellness events.


I have developed unique workshops and can custom tailor one for your organization.