Love Food that Loves You Back New Year

I am writing to wish each of you a wondrous New Year. I will share my best tips for the New Year but first the truth about what happened during my own Holiday. I wrote on the eve of Christmas eve that  I was so nice and relaxed:

"I am amazed that I have time to write this email and want to share why. In the past I would have been madly running around, exhausted and  wishing the Holiday was over before it had begun.
Today, gifts are bought (OK not wrapped but I have plenty of time for that). My Christmas eve menu is planned and purchased and my house looks festive and nice (and clean ) ready for 19 guests tomorrow night. Girls have shopping and I have some time on my own."

and then life happened!!
First Holiday surprise.
The girls came home from shopping and we began to cook. To our horror all the lobsters in the refrigerator where alive and not split as ordered. I am still not quite over the shock that I managed to wield a butcher knife while my whole family screamed in the background. (Rose took a video but I decided to spare my many vegan friends.)

THEN, the water had to be shut off the day after Christmas while I was waiting for a big group of friends to arrive for a dinner party. The sewer was about to back up into the house! In a Christmas miracle the city was able to help me track down a plummer who snaked roots from the line and the water was turned back on an hour before the guests arrived.

THEN, my sister decided to give her dog to my daughter but then she spent the day crying about the decision.

THEN, Rose and Patti took the dog to the vets and decided to bring the cat who had a rash. Turns out the animals had fleas! Everything had to be washed and vacuumed!

AND THE TRUTH IS.......I ate too much food and drank too much wine! But I did laugh and I still enjoyed this special time of my life.
I hope with all my heart that you did too.

Tip Number ONE: Do not resolve.

Resolving is much like hating yourself healthy. It simple does not work. Willpower is weak compared to love power. Decide instead to awaken and commit to loving change. Feel into the difference. It is softer and yet more powerful.

Tip Number TWO: Meditate

One of the pivotal changes in my life is when I committed to daily meditation. I have trained with the best but the truth is the easiest way to meditate is to simply follow your breath. In and out. Thoughts will come-its no big deal. If you follow the thought, relax and come back to the breath.

Tip Number THREE: Green things up

There are so many reasons to eat green things. Live green things. Spinach, lettuce, watercress, broccoli, cabbage, swiss chard...etc etc. I will be writing an important newsletter soon on folate vrs folic acid next week but for now just remember that folate comes from foliage and you need it, so eat a ton of it.

Tip Number FOUR: Drink more and better water

Often the quickest change to wellness can happen by simple indulging in a glass of water. You can increase the absorption by adding lemon, coconut oil, a small bit of apple, touch of salt and blend. Avoid those crappy plastic bottles.

Tip Number FIVE: A Whine about wine

I cannot stop whining. I want to wake up like in the Woody Allen movie, "Sleeper" to discover we can drink as much wine as we like. But for now-I measure a glass and put the bottle away,add water near the end when i want really another glass. I hope at some point I can stop whining.

Tip Number SIX : Have more fun then you can stand
This is a repeat from Holiday tips but worth repeating!

We each have a happiness cap, an upper limit we are comfortable with. I  am working on busting through my cap THIS year.
I implore you to do the same.

Do your best to laugh more, dance and sing. Tell a few bad jokes. Play. Be goofy. Allow yourself to really really RECEIVE deeply from others. Be open to listen. 

Tip Number SEVEN : Do something with enthusiasm

Be big and bold. Put both feet in. Enjoy the challenge and be willing to go so far out that you might fail. So what. We only ever regret what we did not try.

This year, remember to have a time of your life.

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Posted on January 3, 2017 .