In Serious Celebration of Spring

Winter. Good riddance! I spent almost the entire month of February sick! Some health coach..I found it embarrassing.

Even my beloved acupuncturist Dr Gong scolded me...."YOU KNOW how to take care of yourself!"

And I do!! I did what exactly I tell my clients not to do! I over worked, over traveled and in general over extended myself and did not listen to my body when it told me repeatedly.."rest, rest, REST". And so a nasty virus came along and I got a really good rest.

I had not been sick in a very long time and I think my body also decided..hmmm, nice time for a serious detox. hey-lets get rid of some of this old gunk while we are cleaning out the virus!

So I slobbered about for most of February.  I also knew something else was happening. I was reevaluating who I was and what I truly stood for.  It was wonderful and even scary. I was moving to a new state of body, mind and spirit wellness (in a pretty nasty way).  The new state seems to be settling in. Spring is here and I am better..than ever. So this year I am in the deepest (and humbling) gratitude for spring that I ever remember!

Lets celebrate spring together! I have a wondrous Spring celebration planned meet up. We will be talking about Spring...the detox month and how the foods of spring support your bodies renewal in joy and happiness.

Come on April 1 (don't be "fool"ish and miss out). We will be tasting natures bounty..fiddleheads, ramps.....dandelions..yummy and funny food!

 Join my Meet Up group.

Posted on March 22, 2016 .