Love Food that Loves You Back Holiday Tips


I am writing to wish each of you a wondrous Holiday filled with much happiness and joy. My daughters have come into town and I am feeling very blessed.

I am amazed that I have time to write this email and want to share why. In the past I would have been madly running around, exhausted and  wishing the Holiday was over before it had begun.
Today, gifts are bought (OK not wrapped but I have plenty of time for that). My Christmas eve menu is planned and purchased and my house looks festive and nice (and clean ) ready for 19 guests tomorrow night. Girls have shopping and I have some time on my own.
So what did I do different?

Tip Number ONE: Take care of yourself

I remembered to take care of myself each and every day. I kept eating and drinking well. I went to yoga almost every day. I meditated each day even if I had to cut the amount of time. I rested when I felt tired. In the past taking care of me was the FIRST thing I cut when I got busy. This year I kept self care as a top priority. I got more done NOT less!

Tip Number TWO: Keep things simple

This year I bought plenty of duplicates re gifts. I love salt lamps and gave 3 different people the same lamp. I had fun buying all nieces and nephews funny hats. I bought some bottles of gorgeous unfiltered olive oil for foodies. Another group got fine cosmetic argon oil, another  essential oil kits. Both of my girls got all of that plus cork yoga mats. All kids got my favorite gift for Holiday's-art supplies.

Remember the best gift can be an unexpected kind word or gesture.(They have the bonus of feeling best when given.)

Tip Number THREE: Green things up

(No not money-but sometimes money is the perfect easy and appreciated gift). I am talking about greens that grow, luscious cooling healing greens can be very helpful in keeping you cool and well through the holidays. I make a deal with myself over the holidays to eat an extra serving of greens for every holiday treat I indulge and delight in.

Tip Number FOUR: If you indulge DO delight! 

Ban eating guilt for the Holidays. Stay awake and mindfully choose treats and then stay awake and ENJOY them.  Pause and have a glass of water before you consider having two. Then if you CHOOSE to have two-enjoy the heck out of that one too (yes and another serving of greens).

Tip Number FIVE: A Whine about wine

I love wine but too much wine does not love me back. I never sit next to a bottle (somehow it seems to pour itself into my glass). My new neat trick is that I drink a few sips and then pour in some sparkling water. I call it my one glass glass Rosé system. I then follow up with a plain glass of sparkling water. Then even on the naughtiest of nights I rarely have more then two glass of wine. It works but I still whine about it.

Tip Number SIX : Have more fun then you can stand

We each have a happiness cap, an upper limit we are comfortable with. I  am working on busting through my cap.
I implore you to do the same.

Do your best to laugh more, dance and sing. Tell a few bad jokes. Play. Be goofy. Allow yourself to really really RECEIVE deeply from others. Be open to listen. 

On this holiday, remember to have a time of your life.

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Posted on December 23, 2016 .