Bad to the Bone

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This winter my Mom broke her ankle and I learned first hand just how debilitating a broken bone can be.  

She suffered and is still suffering to some degree 7 months after. The first few months were a nightmare for all of us. My completely independent Mom was as helpless as a baby. And poor woman was in pain. I was writing my book on a tough deadline and was shocked at how exhausting it was to be an on call 24/7 caregiver.

I was cranky. I was mean. I was guilty. I would cook her up some delicious food as an offering. Finally I enlisted her to help me with the book which helped her get her mind off of her debilitating situation and gave her purpose. And I got some help, which all helped our relationship. (But the why...WHY DID THIS HAPPEN....she eats well, exercises daily.) And of course the PLEASE..let it never happen again, to her or to me, to anyone I work with, to anyone I can reach out to.

This sent me on a mission to understand bone health for my Mom, myself, my girls and my clients. Every other woman who comes in my office has been diagnosed with an osteo problem. So what can I do and how can I help them prevent what my family went through. First thing first, I look at is the diet. Since my whole life everyone has taught us to look to dairy as a good source of food for bone health, I started my inquiry at that junction.

I wrote about my families relationship with dairy in my book. (Love Food that Loves You Back) I had known for years that milk was not a good food for sinus and other mucous (y) conditions. I also did not want anyone in my family to ingest growth hormones or antibiotics fed to the cows so if I bought milk it was organic and antibiotic and hormone free. I took it out of the diet of my daughter when we discovered she had cystic fibrosis and argued for years with her doctors who swore she would develop weak bones. I learned that broccoli and other greens had plenty of calcium and lucky for me she loved broccoli. She ate buckets of broccoli! She ate it daily and when tested when she was 26 her bones where the strongest of anyone with her condition. All those poor kids forced to drink tons of milk, aggravating their condition and not even getting the benefit of the promised strong bones.

My own Mom was a daily cheese eater. She did not drink milk. So I wondered..maybe she should have??

I read article after confusing article. Finally I decided I wanted to see some science, and some studies. I thought there must be a few and make the best decisions I could make.

To my shock there is absolutely no shortage of science or studies! There is a huge amount of absolutely definitive, impressive and conclusive studies. And those studies are not new. They are just ignored even though many many thousands of  people are adversely and outrageously affected.

Here is a summary:

  • The only people in the world who can predominantly digest dairy at all are whites and Northern Europeans. They adapted to consuming dairy from many moons of adaptation because of their cold climate. It is a mixed blessing. It does not appear to be a good food for human consumption for a huge host of reasons.
  • Yes the mucous issue which I knew about. Apparently it impairs our lymphatic system. But so much more.
  • Dairy appears to upset our brain. Human milk has a very different composition to cows milk. Babies who are breast fed have higher IQ's than babies who are fed cow's milk. (of course those babies get other benefits including bacteria ingestion from off of the breast that aids digestion).
  • The huge, extensive results of The China Study linked an increase of cancer to those who ate dairy..the more dairy the more cancer.
  • The biggest shocker is that it is rather conclusive that dairy causes osteoporosis! Our conventional dairy is the worst but all dairy with perhaps the exception of natural kefir and yogurt are acidic and difficult to digest and although there is a nice amount of calcium within each serving it appears to not be digested and the body actually robs your bones of minerals to protect your kidneys..unless there is an adequate amount of other minerals and all of the cofactors needed to absorb the calcium. (Vitamin D, Vitamin K, magnesium are a few known-all in adequate supply if we eat up a storm of greens)
  • So I was thinking..OK so you can eat some dairy if you also eat your buckets of broccoli..and other greens...I had been doing that. I call it "greening the plate"
  • Not so science seems to be rather certain that the dairy itself is preventing the body to build new bone making cells.


That is scary. Dairy is scary.

One thing is certain. Greens always comes down to greens. I have begun adding insurance I consume high mineral tea made from organic herbs daily and dried mineral organic herbs. (herbs are nettle leaf, alfalfa leaf,dandelion leaf,horsetail herb,red clover blossom.) 

So a bit of sun, exercise, and tons of greens is the way to have nice strong bones..and some lovely tea.

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Posted on July 18, 2015 .