What have I been up to?

Fall has been a busy, gratifying and fun season in which I was able to make many new friends and reconnect to many others.

The first event, FOOD DAY at Sailor Snug Harbor, was more than a tad cold and windy but NOTHING compared to our last few weeks in and out of the polar vortex. 

At Food Day I featured winter squashes, and it was a theme I repeated several times this season.  Winter squash is exactly the perfect seasonal food to make you strong & sturdy and wow did we and do we need that this year.  The squashes are beautiful, nutrient dense and easy to prepare.  As a bonus they are sweet (without added sugar), and are a natural support for helping with sugar cravings! 

The Staten Island Advance featured our cute Jack Be Little pumpkin, cooked whole in the over (400 degrees until fork tender) to be sliced and seasoned at the table.  A bit sloppy for sure but seriously, could a recipe be easier?  Or more fun?

Next event “Stand up and Lead” was at the College of Staten Island.  (More squash… more and more. Butternut, Komucha, Acorn.)  The event was sponsored by the United Federation of Teachers and was presented to address bullying at schools and to promote leadership in female teens.  My contribution (other than the squash!) was to give tips on stress management and strategies, to stay conscious to not use food to deal with stress, and to journal when times are hard.

A few weeks later I went back to the College Of Staten Island, this time to give a class lecture at the Business School in which I presented my Nurture Nature Nutrition business plan………I did not bring any squash..but YES there were lots of picture of the squash in the power point presentation.

In January, I was honored to sponsor the food for the heart-felt dances of Larissa Schiano at the green belt recreation center.  (And yes, I fed people squash, but also lots of veggies/brown rice--yummy food).

Posted on March 29, 2014 .