What am I offering?

In September, I began personal counseling and have been honored to work with some wonderful people to help them find their “personal best” blueprint.  I want to help  my clients move away from “poison foods” (sugar and processed foods) that make you sick, depressed, anxious… to eating luscious, yummy foods that makes you energetic, strong, smart and beautiful


I currently have office hours at the Acupuncture Center in New Dorp on Thursdays and in The Village in Manhattan on Mondays. I may also add Tuesdays in Manhattan, and additional hours on SI.  Stay tuned!

A super fun and healthy addition to my holistic health coaching has been offering personal herbal tinctures that are wild crafted by master herbalist Holly Hayward from Sugar Hill New Hampshire Botanicals. Judging from the re-orders and including my own, these herbs provide great support to wellness

Particularly helpful has been the anxiety/stress support formula, custom tailored that offers both short term relief and includes herbs known as adaptations that provide long term strength and resilience, so instead of “healing stress” the stress simply does not affect us as much.  Too cool.    

Holly also offers support in hormone balancing, kidney/bladder support, tummy powder made from slippery elm.  Holly grows, tests the herbs in her lab, and custom tailors the formula…her motto is to treat the person not the “dis-ease they feel.”  So far people have been feeling new levels of health and happiness as they switch to whole foods and natural remedies to improve their energy/life.  

We will be conducting a four day holiday event in July to visit the gorgeous Sugar Hill area in New Hampshire.  I will be teaching cooking and Holly will be teaching how to heal everyday ailments with herbs.  More activities are being planned. This trip will be fun and educational, and will give you lots of tools in your toolbox to move to a new level of wellness.  Stay tuned, but please express to me if you are interested and we will put you on a list.

We are also creating wait lists for upcoming group work sessions……sessions include seasonal eating, and the battle against inflammation. 

Email me back for a free initial consultation for any service. 

So let’s get ready to move into a new state of wellness.  Because our motto is 

“Life fully nourished is...Delicious!”

Posted on December 23, 2013 .